Waiting For Your Money From Standard Life

Standard Life past its sell by date

Its energy sapping dealing with Standard Life, every call and conversation starts with how they are slow under COVID, working from home etc, as if the rest of us are not also trying to sustain our businesses in the same environment.

And for an organisation who was online pre COVID its pathetic 6 months in this is still their first response.


FACT; Standard Life take 3 to 4 times longer to give your money back compared with the time it takes them to take if from you.


I believe this should be a key question when evaluating financial services “With respect to the time it takes for you to take in my money, how long does it take to give it back” if the answer is not “On par” then think, is this really acceptable? There are plenty out there who do…

My View “Standard Life another massive organisation past its sell by date