The Reason I Post and Blog

We all have diffrent reasons for posting and blogging here is mine

This week I was asked “Why do you blog and post” Well for 3 decades I worked on the road out in the market in more than 53 countries, with clients, distributors, business partners and colleagues and it gave me wonderful perspective and a continuous opportunity to push ideas around, having people, places and environments contribute to and shaping my thinking; in clients businesses, in coffee shops, over a beer, a snack, dinner, in a queue, at events etc. Then over night the way I went about learning, listening, debating stopped. So online #blogging and posting has given it back to me, its not the same, its evolved. In many ways the width has increased, I can be in China in the morning and Brazil in the evening and I have learnt to use online tools to search for information and perspective, yet in some ways the depth is not quite the same in terms of all my senses being engaged, looking, listening, feeling the environment and context in which an opinion is given and heard. Still, that’s why I post….

A famous artist once said

“Sometimes I paint for others,
sometimes for myself,

I need to paint for money,

but mostly I paint for my soul….”