The Big Shift

The world is beginning to see some bright spots in its battle against COVID. As a result, I hear many people are thinking of shaking up their careers as restrictions are lifted and economies improve. Some commentators are predicting a “Great Resignation” due to people wanting to move on and try something new.

The big shift

My advice is Think!

Give yourself a little uninterrupted time to think, no phone, no social media, just a few quiet moments to imagine and be clear on what your end goal is? A change in job is a means to get to your end goal. An end goal is more wealth or freedom to create or lead people and teams or being content or looking after your health better. We don’t compromise on end goals! When your goal is clear and you can see it in your mind then decide if a change of job is the means you need to strive for that goal, if it is, go for it with energy and vigour keeping your end goal clearly in mind. #TheBigShift