Not Just Thoughts

Stay in sync

90% of all accidents that occur by ourselves for example; Putting sugar in someone’s tea, dropping a glass, cutting ones finger while chopping vegetables, tripping, falling from a ladder, crashing ones car and worse, happen because we allow the activity to be performed by our subconscious mind while our conscious mind is busy thinking on some other unrelated issue. And while our sub conscious mind is fantastic at taking on tasks we have repeated many times over, conscious mind whose job it is to provide feedback on the state of the task in hand is missing. And worse if conscious minds ruminations have an origin in anger the feedback sub conscious mind needs diminishes even further.

Its not easy, but when chopping, driving in diminished or taxing conditions or climbing ladders or using cutting tools, stay in the present, don’t let thoughts enter and take over your conscious mind thinking. Even take a breath, think on the breath, in hold, pause and out, all the way out, empty, then do the task.