My Predictions

Short term predictions;

OUT for the next 10 months – Investing in Commercial property (actually this one is out for good!), Travel and Hospitality industry, ties

In – Investing in FTSE 100 companies who earn profits in US$ accept oil

Prediction 18th May 2020

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2020 …. Going out: • Post offices • Free parking • Survivors of the First World War • Telephone directories • The idea of a proper retirement • The BBC and the UK TV License • Desk top computers and lap tops • Charitable cash donations by Governments using tax payer’s money (leave it to individuals and NGO’s) • Light switches • Ties • Department stores

Coming in: • Surgery carried out by robots • Artificial eyes • Auto (no person pilot) passenger aircraft • Pet robots • Terminals accessing remote and centralised processing and apps • Proximity senor light switches • Anti-bacteria plastic wrapped surfaces

My View - Line of Prediction

2025 …. Going out: • Proper spelling • Driving on the road for free • State pensions • Unfenced beaches • An independent Taiwan • Elton John • Entitlement to keep unneutered pet mammals without a breeder’s license • Nat West bank • Typing at a keyboard • Wide scale use of e mail in communication • Traffic lights (cars will just be stopped when required) • Speed cops • Door bells • Ash trees • Coins • Speeding vehicles (enforced vehicle GPS will simply execute a fine)

Coming in: • Hydrogen-based fuel stations • Offshore prisons • Obligatory exercise (higher tax if not) • Sensory internet • Self driving cars • Door proximity sensor (rings nominated phones) • Virtual reality windows • Uber like helicopter services in India • Hospitals requiring basic clean room gowning for everyone entering • Speech data entry at workstations (replacing typing on keyboards)

My View - Line of Prediction

2030 …. Going out • Reality TV • Bank notes • The Great Barrier Reef • Trade unions • Inheritance tax • Paul Mc Cartney • Antimony • Golf • Low-cost travel • UK State Pension

Coming in • Robots to take care of young children and the old • Virtual day out experiences • Artificial memory enhancers delivered to the sub conscious mind • Artificial bacteria (did this happen in 2019?)

My View - Line of Prediction

2035 …. Going out: • Children playing without supervision • Oil • Microsoft • Pakistan and probably Bangladesh • Cobalt • Passports • Lead

Coming in: • Diets based on individual genome • Micro chip implant and retina ID

My View - Line of Prediction

2040 …. Going out: • Petrol engines • Deafness • National currencies • Free public spaces • The European Union

Coming in: • Factories or at least testing and product development labs in space

My View - Line of Prediction

2045 …. Going out: • Natural childbirth • Household chores

Coming in: • Individual taxes based on the amount you pollute • Oil • Total value of Crypto Currencies exceeding the value of Nation Currencies

My View - Line of Prediction

2050 …. Going out: • Belgium as a unified country • Incurable blindness • Google • Any survivors of the Second World War • Lithium

Coming in: Tiny robots for pest control • Brain transplants • Warp drive • Robot policemen • Web 10.0