Bentley Announce They Are Going Electric

GT Continental 6.00 litre

I guess Bentley inevitably have to go electric, so they say by 2030. But I cannot help thinking electric cars or more to the point battery powered vehicles will turn out to be a bit like the great diesel engine fraud in terms of living up to the hyp with no downside, but that’s a debate for another day. Any way one of the charms of a Bentley whether it was the original 1929 “Blower” or current GT W12 twin turbo is that boom! when the engine starts and the deep hum when driving, which means there is even no need for music, just listen and enjoy the engineering and noise of the great engine in motion….

Bentley Blower 1929 to 1931

Pictured a Bentley Blower 1929 to 1931 4.5 litre