2020 What The Martians Saw

what martians would see looking at us

Martians landed today what they saw was the most stupid, mindless, easily led and fooled beings in the quantum…. So they left

The Beauty of a Quantum Waveform

The beauty of an enclosed electron quantum waveform

The beauty of an enclosed electron quantum waveform constructed from dots using a tunnelling microscope looking at a bilayer graphene. A material which is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice. Seeing any Q wave in its 3d form is a wonder, a friend of …

Bentley Announce They Are Going Electric

GT Continental 6.00 litre

I guess Bentley inevitably have to go electric, so they say by 2030. But I cannot help thinking electric cars or more to the point battery powered vehicles will turn out to be a bit like the great diesel engine fraud in terms of living up to the hyp with no downside, but that’s a …

Not Just Thoughts

Stay in sync

90% of all accidents that occur by ourselves for example; Putting sugar in someone’s tea, dropping a glass, cutting ones finger while chopping vegetables, tripping, falling from a ladder, crashing ones car and worse, happen because we allow the activity to be performed by our subconscious mind while our conscious mind is busy thinking on …

Am I Observing The Electron From Another Field Of View

Everything is enrgy

As I understand, everything is energy perceived in a form that we recognize as retrieved from our programmed data base of perceptions; a friend, a tea bag, a keyboard, a planet, its one energy manifested in our minds field of view and the minds of others within our viewing sphere. Our quantum being is “Many …