Ashes To Ashes A Wilfully Underwhelming Statement

The phrase ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust‘. … is generally used to quote the phase of human life during burial ceremonies, at least in the west. The phrase assumes that humans are made from dust, as mentioned in major religious works of literature, and will return to dust after death.

I have always found this utterly underwhelming at a person’s funeral and now understand how it wilfully fails to capture the reality and wonder of what actually happens.

So I insist the words are not used at my funeral but are replaced with “Energy to energy, consciousness to consciousness, as was, as is, all at one”

“There is balance, equilibrium and equanimity”

Why? because as uncovered by quantum physics and mechanics we are energy, an energy passed to us and emergent in our form and an energy that goes forward from us into another form.

Similarly, our consciousness comes into us and while with us is shared and through that sharing is passed on by us.