Am I Observing The Electron From Another Field Of View

Everything is enrgy

As I understand, everything is energy perceived in a form that we recognize as retrieved from our programmed data base of perceptions; a friend, a tea bag, a keyboard, a planet, its one energy manifested in our minds field of view and the minds of others within our viewing sphere.

Our quantum being is “Many worlds” (Hugh Everett) a vector in Hilbert space i.e. a single quantum mechanical wave function, an energy. This means an electron is in super suspension in all possible locations. But when we observe the electron, we observe it in relation to our super suspension position which consists of the electron being here, me being here, plus the electron being there and me seeing it there in my perceived field of view and if you see it to, then in our mutual perceived fields of views. Simultaneously, before and after other views of the same electron are observed in some other perceived quantum fields of view.

Question isAm I observing the electron from another field of view in the past, the present or the future relative to current super suspension location? Could I glimpse that?