A Slight Conundrum Resolved For Me…..

A slight conundrum resolved for me…..

I utterly understand the benefits that come from pressing our science, technology, and abilities, in this respect the advancements and improvement in our knowledge that have and will continue to flow from reaching into space and the cosmos are worth the energy and input. I totally get the potential trickle back benefits that percolate down likely to touch us all and I have no issue with wealth and how one chooses to spend it.

But then I think – Now? With so much focus on climate change, the use of resources, materials and energy, something does not quite feel right about space journeys because they were a dream, because one can, because it’s been a project in the making for so long….

And YET, yesterday I started work on what I hope is a mindful project, and last night before going to sleep I felt like an ant looking up at the proverbial monumental rubber tree to be moved and guess what came into my mind?

“If Branson and Bezos as private individuals can get into space, then this project is not impossible” so on balance, thanks Richard, Jeff you don’t know who I am, but I took a bit of inspiration from what you just achieved.